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This game takes place in a custom world that I have ran in the past that has gone under some extreme changes. This game takes place 50 years after the demise of an evil tyrant known as the Voodoo Queen, who has killed off most of the world and raised them into her undead army. A team of unlikely heros and head assassin Cyrus who got cought up in the middle of her plans and plots had gone back in time using a demonic device known as the Cannith Crystal to stop her from becoming the voodoo queen. The Heros had created such a parallel universe that it had caused issues in the time stream itself and fused both the universes together meshing a time where the year 1132 and 1182 became one. Cyrus who had stolen the past voodoo queens phylactery tried to decieve the real voodoo queen that he had her actual phylactery and tried controlling her. It wasn`t long before she figured out he was bluffing and nearly killed him. Cyrus having such a reputation to live up to had taken the Cannith Crystal itself to go back in time with never to be used again in this dimension.

The unlikely heros had defeated her with a little help from the alternate dimension voodoo queen who hadn`t gone under the lich transformation and was convinced by the heros that she would turn evil once she became a lich. After they free`d the greatest sorcerer in the world Nielson Von Erik he and Kuthar used their powers to restore the world and all its people back to how they were before the Voodoo Queens dark shadow was casted upon the world.

Now 50 years later in the year 1232 a new evil has shown its face to the world and the heros of old had passed on to the afterlife including the likes of Nielson Von Erik, the “Good” Voodoo Queen, and Glan. It was time for new hero`s to rise up and save the day.

Level: This game will start at level 1 (with plans to easily go past 9th)
Races: Any Race in the Players Handbook, Expanded Psionics, and Monster Manual with LA of 0 (Permission required for Monsters)
Classes: Any Class from PHB 1-2 any of the completes and Expanded Psionics.
Variants: PHB 2 only I do not like Unearthed Arcana and complete mage ect
Feats: Because there are so many books and its so easy to break a character i`m putting a limit on 2 books (does not count players handbook 1) for each character to use to try and keep some control of balance.
Spells: Any Spell from PHB 1-2 and any of the completes are fine (the game world will adapt the spell compendium soon enough)
Abillity Scores: 28 Point Buy. Why? Because I have and have seen some rediculus stats rolled lately D&D characters are suppose to be hero`s NOT gods.
Party Formula: I would like to see a diverse party for a change this game is going to be a challenge and the worlds monsters and npc`s shouldn`t suddenly get “easier” because no one wants to heal and pick up a sword AND shield to protect their friends.

Finally: Lets have some fun!!

Main Page

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